Epoxy Coating bar

Epoxy Coated Dowel Bar
We offer Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars with highly corrosion-resistant quality with Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder applied as per ASTM A775/775M-07b for concrete structure, which is resistant to Acid, Alkali, especially the Chloride (mainly for Salt). The excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel rebar and Dowel Bars eliminate the risk of structural damage due to rust and the costly refurbishments that can arise as a result. Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars of are most popular for the construction and pavement applications, since they can provide good corrosion resistance while being significantly cheaper than stainless steel.


Epoxy Coated Dowel Bar Specification
Steel Standard:IS, ASTM A615, ASTM A1078, ASTM A775, 854449, AASSITO M254
Coated Standard:IS, ASTM A775 & A775M
Ends:Chamfering & Plain Through CNC driven Machine Cut
Grade:ASTM A615 Grade 60, Grade 250
Length:100 mm to 5000 mm
Diameter (mm):16 - 50
Diameter (inches):5/8″

ASTM A775/A775m Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Dowel Bar- 2


ASTM A775/A775M Fusion bonded epoxy coated dowel bar 
Pre Cut Dowel Bar - Epoxy Coated

1.Why choose Epoxy coated Dowel Bar

Steel corrosion is an important problem affffecting their structural durability. Especially in
coastal erosion environment, concrete structure damage caused by chloride ion
corrosion on steel bars has brought huge losses to engineerings.
2.Advantage of Epoxy coated dowel bar:
Different from traditional black steel bar, fusion bonded epoxy coated dowel bar features its corrosion-resistent epoxy coating, by which the inner bar can be protected from the damage of deicing salts or saltwater.

3.Features of Epocy Coated Dowel Bar
Dowel bars provide a mechanical connection between slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement. Dowels are saw cut to customized length.

Inserted at mid-slab depth to help transfer load but allow adjacent slabs to expand and contract independent of one another

5.Details for our Epoxy Dowel Bar

Dowel bar standard ASTM A1078/A1078M
Coating standard BS 7295, ISO 14654
ASTM A775/A775M
Steel standard BS 4449
ASTM A615/A615M
Steel material BS: Grade 250
ASTM: Gr40\Gr60
Diameter 16mm - 60mm
Length 100mm - 1000mm( Tailored length)

6.Weight of some sizes of Dowel Bar

16 20 22 25 30 36 38 40
1.58 2.47 2.98 3.85 5.55 7.99 8.95 9.87

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